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about FORUM D&P

FORUM D&P is an international architectural firm with offices in USA, Korea and France. We are the team organized for architectural works that has performed various field and scale projects such as urban planning, architecture, interior design and graphics. FORUM D&P is currently led by two architects-Michelle Lee, Inki Lee and Key managers by role.



as process leader

The core value we pursue is the process of developing the uniqueness of each team member as a creator by producing excellent results in the field through teamwork demonstrated in Forum D&P's creative environment.

The role of leadership is to present a vision for continued growth and design an action plan to realize it.

Welcome to FORUM D&P.


Our Journey So Far


Architectural Exploring in Korea, from Canada to USA

Inki LEE worked in Korea.

Michelle LEE worked in Canada and USA


Architectural Experiment between New York and Paris

Michelle Lee founded Ineuf Design Company in Manhattan.

Inki LEE moved to Paris

FORUM Members Illustrator vers2021-이인기.jpg

Co-Founder / Leadership

FORUM Members Illustrator vers2021-이미쉘.jpg

Michelle LEE

Co-Founder / Leadership


Chulhwan KIM

Research Director

FORUM Members Illustrator vers2021-양푸른누리.jpg

Puruennuri YANG

Project Manager

FORUM Members Illustrator vers2021-김세웅.jpg

Sewoong KIM

Research Manager

20240319-Member Profile by Lynn-jsoh.png

Jaesuk OH

Research Manager


FORUM D&P created the brand 

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